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Original Real Mad Honey Honig from TURKEY - 100% natural

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Dieses Produkt ist nicht für Kinder, Schwangere oder stillende Mütter geeignet.

Darüber hinaus muss das Produkt kühl, dunkel und trocken gelagert werden.

Der Verkauf dient ausschließlich gewerblichen oder wissenschaftlichen Zwecken und ist nicht für den Konsum bestimmt.

Original Real Mad Honey Honig from TURKEY - 100% natural

Mad honey from Turkey is harvest by small local beekeepers in the Black Sea region of north-east Turkey. The Turkish honey is lighter as the Nepal mad honey. And of course 100% natural: unprocessed, unfiltered and without additives

Natural Mad Honey, which has been used as a medicine for thousands of years by the locals in the Himalayas and the Black Sea region.

Mad Honey gets its name from its intoxicating properties. The honey contains the chemical grayanotoxin, because it comes from the nectar of the rhododendron plant. Grayanotoxin, also called “rhodotoxin”, will makes you feel good when you eat this honey.

You can recognize original mad honey by its dark colour and the typical bitter aftertaste. Unfortunately, not all mad honey you can buy online is actually mad honey. Real Mad Honey therefore has its honey tested in a renowned lab. In this way we can be sure that our mad honey meets the highest quality requirements and at the same time guarantee your safety.